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Resuming an Overgrown Landscape

Resuming an Overgrown Landscape

When it comes to lawn care, plant care and numerous other areas, there are situations where your landscaping becomes overgrown. Whether this is due to life getting in the way, a big move or some other reason, you need the right tactics to get back on that horse and resume your landscaping efforts without a major cost or hassle.

At Outdoor Living & Landscaping, Inc., we’re here to help. Our landscaping services include helping those who have let things go a bit too long without maintenance – some of the most important steps and themes here come right as you begin to get things back in order. Let’s look at a few tips we often offer our clients in this area.

Landscapes Are Dynamic

While your landscape will have several distinctly different areas, know that all of these areas interact with each other. Landscapes grow and interact in a dynamic fashion – certain aggressive plants “lead” this growth, while others “follow” and make up many of the complementary elements. As you’re getting back into the swing of things, identify your “leader” and “follower” plants first.

Choosing What Stays and What Goes

From here, you can start deciding which areas should stay and which should be pruned back a bit. Try not to be too emotional here – focus on the important factual elements at hand.

In general, we recommend laying out two big areas: Maintenance and importance to the overall landscape. The more important a plant or item is, the more maintenance you should be willing to put up with for it – but only you can determine where this line is drawn.

Knowing the Horticulture and Timing

A big factor in the above decisions is understanding the plants you have and the timing they require. Some plants have to be moved in various seasons or at various stages of their development, while others might resist being moved at all. You also might find that some plants are far easier to simply remove than they are to transplant, or that there might only be a short season during which a transplant makes sense.


For some of the above reasons, gardens heavy on perennials are great if you’re someone who might let things go a bit too long in your landscaping every now and then. Perennials can be easily dug up and moved around, which helps a ton for getting back on the gardening horse if you’ve been off for a while.

For more on how to resume your efforts on an overgrown landscape, or to learn about any of our landscaping or exterior home services, speak to the pros at Outdoor Living & Landscaping, Inc. today.