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“Leroy, It was worth the wait!!  What impressed me most when I got home is the placement of the small rocks near the step, it truly is all in the details.  The staging of the chairs at the top of the steps was a nice touch.  And they put the owl back — we are using that to deter the woodpecker that really likes our house.

Your crew was wonderful to work with.  They are friendly, upbeat and responded to all my questions in a positive manner.

Carol and I started working on the dirt pile last night and have reduced it by about 1/2.  We should finish this weekend and then we will give you a call so that you can pick up the plywood it is sitting on.

We have another timber wall that is rotting away, so you will probably hear from us in the future.

I expect you will get a response from Carol as well.”

– Dee Ann

“Leroy – Everything looks great. The project from start to finish was nicely run and I really like how it turned out! My fall cleanup run by Ryan has always went smooth, and this project went great. In addition, Summerhill Commercial uses Beniek, and is very satisfied. Very nicely run company!”

– Scott